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 What is a forum Moderator?

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: What is a forum Moderator?   Sat Jul 26, 2008 4:55 am

Forum moderators ([ Moderators ] [ Guides ] [ Softicians ]) are guides for the forum members and guards of the main forum rules. Moderators have administrative powers in their forums and they use those powers to help grow our community.

Responsibilities of the Moderator
Probably the greatest responsibility of a moderator is to help our members follow the forum rules. We're adding new members everyday who may not understand our community's rules. Even established members may have forgotten them. If a rule is broken, show the user what they did wrong. This way we ensure our members are learning from the moderator's actions and we will be constantly improving the quality of our community.

• Enjoy yourself! You and everyone else is here to chat and have a good time doing it.
• You should participate in the conversations posted in forums, but you shouldn't try to answer all requests. This is what the community should do, while a Moderator should focus on moderation.
• If necessary, a Moderator keeps conversation flowing smoothly in the forum. Try to start threads on what ever's going on if it is not already there.
• We are a team. All Moderators should help their fellow moderators in other forums if needed.

Authority of the Moderator
The main tools available to a moderator involve the Moving, Closing, Editing and Deletion of threads. Here's the full list of moderator tools:

• Moderate Threads, Posts & Attachments
• Close / Open Threads
• Move / Copy Threads
• Approve / Unapprove Threads
• Approve / Unapprove Posts
• Edit Threads and Posts
• Delete Threads and Posts
• Merge Threads
• Split Threads

Approve / Unapprove Threads & Posts
This is a way to remove posts/threads from public view without deleting it. Use this as your 1st option to remove threads or posts which you think are against the forum rules. If necessary, Administrators can help make a final decision on whether the unapproved item should be deleted, edited or approved.

Moving of threads
If a thread's content follows the forum rules, but has not been posted into the right forum, the Moderator should move the thread into the right forum. While doing this you have 3 options:

• Move thread and leave redirect in previous forum: This is what we will use in most cases. This can help the user learn where he should have posted. Hopefully they'll do so the next time.
• Move thread to destination forum: If the thread is less than an hour old, use this option. Send the author a quick PM about the move including a link to the new url.
• Copy thread to destination forum: This will not be used, as it will produce crosspostings.

Closing of threads (locking)
In some cases, discussions will not come to a satisfying end or will lead off the topic. This is the right time to close a thread and not allow further posting. A Moderator has 2 possibilities to close a thread:

• Reply & Close this thread after you submit your message: This is what we use in most cases. Write a small reply as to why the thread will be closed and choose the "Close thread after submit" option at the bottom of your reply screen.
• Close thread: Using the Close Thread from the Thread Tools menu will only be used if it is obvious why the thread was closed.

Editing threads
Editing another member's thread or post is a more significant action and should be used wisely. Moderators edit posts when they contain profanity, offensive language, off-topic content or when they don't follow the forum rules in other ways. You have two ways to edit:

• Edit at bottom of post: This will be used in most cases and lets you edit the content of a post. Always leave a brief "Reason for Editing" so the user sees what's happened.
• Edit Thread : Edit the thread's title. Edit the title if it breaks the forum rules, is too long, or is just plain bad. Edit the 1st post to include a short note that the title was edited for clarity or whatever.

Deletion of threads
This is probably the most powerful tool for a Moderator. We use it only in special cases. It is never be used to censor opinions, but to keep the board inviting and helpfull for all members. Moderators will delete threads or topics if they contain:

• Unacceptable behavior (breaks the forum rules)
• Spam or flooding
• Completely off-topic discussion where no corresponding exists
• No part of the thread or post is worth editing
• Illegal/defamatory statements or threads posted which will simple be too inflammatory

If a moderator is deleting something, he/she has two options to do so. Always leave a "Reason for Deletion":

• 'Soft' delete it - Leave "Deleted" Message: This is what we use in most cases. This way we make sure everyone knows that we are not censoring opinions, just protecting the community.
• Physically remove it: This will only be used if a thread or post breaks the forum rules and a deleted message doesn't make sense. Examples would be pure spam posts or when multiple posts need to be deleted.

How to become a Moderator
We need your help to grow as a community and to make this the best mig33 chatting forum on the web. Moderators are selected from our existing members. Administrators take into account a user's past history in the forum before inviting a user to become a moderator. If you'd like to become a moderator, show us by your actions that you:

• Understand the forum rules.
• Participate in threads regularly and visit our community frequently over a long period of time.
• Can get along with other members.
• Are passionate about mig33 and chatting but you're not closed minded to opinions that are contrary to your opinions.

Got a Problem with a Moderator ?
If you think a Moderator is abusing their authority, you should 1st contact them and discuss it like adults. Be aware that any PM or emails to moderators may be shared with other moderators/administrators as necessary. If you've tried to resolve your concern with the moderator and you're not satisfied, contact an Administrator.

Got a Problem with an Administrator?
While we try to keep an open mind in all matters, this community is a privately owned website and decisions are final. Feel free to contact us with any concerns and we'll resolve the issue in a way that's best for the community.


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PostSubject: Re: What is a forum Moderator?   Sat Jul 26, 2008 8:48 am

nice presentation admin prince_suhel
i hope all users read it

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PostSubject: Re: What is a forum Moderator?   Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:45 am

I read it
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PostSubject: Re: What is a forum Moderator?   

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What is a forum Moderator?
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